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Skopje, Macedonia
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HappyCow previously offered this space for vegetarian events, vegetarian travel or general information for Skopje, suggestions such as hotel recommendations, travel agencies, or any other regional vegan and vegetarian related information.
However, this has been discontinued due to inactivity.
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Visitor Notes:

Subject: 'Skopje for veggies'
Posted by Stevie on: Sunday, December 16, 2007 at 04:27 AM PST

At Apr 07 the best restaurant for veggies in Skopje by a mile is Harmonija (the first and currently only macrobiotic restaurant in Macedonia). Over 90% of the menu is not only veggie but also vegan veggie.

If you are looking for a hotel in Skopje the following are close to each of Harmonija restaurant, the train station, the bus station, and the City centre:-

1) Hostel Ferijalen Soyuz na Makedonija, Ul Prolet 25, Skopje, Tel 311 4849. Hostel for the budget conscious open from April to mid October.

2) Hotel Centar, Ul Kočo Racin bb, Skopje, Tel +389 (2) 311 4844.
Midrange priced hotel tucked into the side of a fairly small complex that also houses the city's Olympic sized swimming pool.

3) Holiday Inn, Ul Vasil Adžilarski 2, Skopje, Tel 329 2929.
Top end priced hotel chain that I'm sure you have heard of.

At the bus and train station very usefully there is a big internet place. It is 1 floor above ground level and accessed from the street underneath the railway bridge. This is also the way into railway station.

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