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Grenoble, France
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Visitor Notes:

Subject: 'Vegan's experience in France'
Posted by flamekat on: Tuesday, May 08, 2007 at 06:56 AM PST
My fiance is from Romans, near Grenoble, so I had the opportunity to visit both back in February 07. I was pleasantly surprised at the selection of vegan products in the supermarkets, even in his small hometown. Contrary to what he remembered, there were loads of soy products. My favorites are Soja Sun yogurts, which strangely enough are different from the ones they distribute in the UK. Anyone know anything about that? Still, they're tasty, and quinoa is also booming. There were loads of options of quinoa in ready to make boxes already seasoned and spiced. Also lots of wheat free pastas, vegan biscuits/cookies, soya desserts, etc. They even have a soy gratin sauce.
We didn't dine out while we were there, as his mum cooked for us every day, but I did go in a couple of health food shops in Grenoble. I'll post them on here when I get a chance. One of them in particular was very impressive, with loads of variety including some nice vegan pate, fresh bread, etc.
On the whole, whoever says being vegan in France is difficult is wrong, at least for this area. On top of all the dry goods available, the quality of the produce is excellent, and let's not forget the bread. Also, bf's mum bought us some excellent vegan dark chocolate from a local chocolatier. Yum. :-)

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