Going Veg & the Environment

Making Sustainable Food Choices

We, at HappyCow, are dedicated to promoting a sustainble lifestyle and fostering a supportive space for people from all walks of life to come together and discuss about subjects that matter (Eco-Vegan): health, happiness, community, open exchange, food, the environment.

On the subject of environment and climate change, does what we eat make a difference? To that we say, "Absolutely!" Because our ecosystem is so inter-connected, the everyday food choices we make matter. Learn more about how you too can become a good steward for our earth planet; read about what our members are doing to make an impact.

Articles on living green, eating sustainably, organic food, taking care of the environment:

An elegant sufficiency – a guide to responsible eating
    Eating responsibly to reduce waste.

Climate change and meat consumption
    What's the connection? UN expert report explains.

Making the connection
    Our food choices affect the environment.

Everyday is Earth Day
    Setting aside just one day in the year is not enough; we have the power to make a positive impact each and everyday.

Food can heal the world
    Reading labels, going back to your roots, and choosing to eat lower on the food chain.

Do you know where your food comes from?
    Eating locally vs. global food production.

Have you greened your diet yet?
    Simple and practical tips.

Frugally and environmentally friendly transportation alternatives
    Reducing fuel dependency and carbon emissions for a more eco-friendly life.
    ...and it's all FREE

Is vegan the new ethical marketing buzzword?
    More than a catch phrase to attractive eco-conscious consumers.

Look behind the news
    Challenge yourself to understand the wider implications and the story behind the news.

There's a saying, "Just because you're vegan doesn't mean that you're living an ethical life"
    Veganism vs. freeganism

"Wildlife" overpopulation v. urban sprawl
    Which came first?

It's the meat
    Ease the USDA's confusion

Algae can save life on earth from human destruction
    2-minute video

Soybeans and the environment
    Let's take another look at the statistics.

Taking inspiration from Ojai Center for Regenerative Agriculture
    Promoting organic farming and its many benefits.

Edible centerpieces
    Flowers so pretty, and you can eat them.

Happy earth day: 5 green restaurants
    Examples of restaurants going green.

Vegan cycling
    More than fun and exercise, cycling reduces your carbon footprint.

Living Web Films – regenerative agriculture
    Project about a new, progressive, and advanced practice of agriculture that will regenerate soil.

Animal aid: meat-free video
    Upbeat, short film to make one re-think meat consumption.

Films on the future of society
    Four films that calls us to immediate present-time action.

The Art of being ecovegan
    No individual action is more revolutionary and radical than adopting an ecovegan lifestyle for ethical reasons