2012 Top 10 Compassionate Gifts + Exclusive Discounts

Veggie Greetings


Celebrate the holiday season Veg style! As you are purchasing presents for friends and loved ones, please consider supporting companies that practice sustainability and compassion for animals. Please enjoy Cows’ perfect gifts finds + discount codes.

Use coupon code “happycow”

get 10%OFF all products – expires Dec 7

The best 100% vegan holiday shopping

site you’ll find online

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NOAH – Italian Vegan Shoes

Non-leather with high-quality microfibres

exclusive Italian design and craftsmanship

Home-crafted, stretchable, and durable

with 5,000 years of sustainability

Quality vegan wines from California
Central Coast made without animal products

Sjaak’s creates delicious organic fair trade chocolates in a variety of holiday packaging

25%OFF any CoolCorC item
with promo code “HAPPYCOW2012″ – expires Dec 14

Nature’s prescription for healthy skin.

Let your skin be happy and healthy!

Delicious recipes & easy steps about transitioning to a plant-based diet

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