Be an Ambassador

Represent your city and help travelers find great food! Here's what we look for:

Contribution (or Engagement)
You are already an active part of the HappyCow community. You regularly add, review, and/or update restaurants & store listings. Other members know who you are! You frequent the forum, and even use the mobile app to find restaurants closest to you, upload pics, plan trips, and check-in.

Growing the VEG movement in your city is very important to you! You frequent the local veggie spots, and you enjoy sharing about new shops and restaurants that open up.

You know where to go for the best veggie burger, raw dessert, or cupcake in your neighborhood. You are regarded as a local authority and role model for the Cow community! Basically, you could be the perfect veggie tour guide.

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Contributions: +362
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Thank you to all Cow Ambassadors!



Are there any perks to being an Ambassador?
Established online for 14+ years, people know HappyCow as the definitive guide to VEG eats. As an Ambassador, you'll be connected to this project and share in the good karma of spreading VEG worldwide. Ambassadors enjoy all kinds of exclusive perks--from invites to events to Cow swag and recognition by your peers. Moreover, you get: special icon on your profile page, Cow decals of excellence to give to qualifying businesses, and your personal Ambassador ID card.

How do I become an Ambassador?
We're looking for members who are active in our community. That means your member point count is high; you've written a fair amount of reviews, uploaded food pics; and you've shown yourself to be a great representative for all-things-veg in your city! Oh yea, and your last login wasn't in 1999.

My city doesn't have a big veg community. Could I still be an Ambassador?
Yes! As an Ambassador, you are a local authority and influencer. Your voice can help grow your community and also help get veg businesses in your area noticed by people around the world!

How do I sign up?
If you're ready to take your cow-status to the next level and become an Ambassador, email us the following: your name, city, HappyCow profile link, and tell us why you're a good fit for this program.

Note: at the moment we are accepting one Ambassador for each city. However, there are many ways to volunteer and get involved.